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Welcoming Ramadan



It’s March already and Ramadan is fast approaching. No matter how many years we have been doing it - fasting for the whole month is always a challenge. It’s important to take care of yourself during this time, so we can be at our best during this blessed, but difficult month.

Sleep and food play a massive role in our wellbeing. Being deprived of them can throw us off balance and take us to dark places. The easier we make our lives during Ramadan, the more energy we will have to worship God and please Him.

 To meet this objective, I make certain arrangements before Ramadan itself starts, so my head is clearer. These consists of:

 - booking some time off work, when possible, at least in the first week as this tends to be most physically demanding time, and for Eid of course

- planning my meals so they are balanced, nutritious and provide me with enough energy

- choosing my Eid outfit to take the rush of it away at the end of the month

- calculating my zakat, choosing what charities to support, last 10 nights donation etc. 

- deciding where will I have my iftars (is it going to be at my home / in laws home etc)

During Ramadan itself, I do only what’s necessary. I leave all bigger and smaller (non-religious) projects till after Ramadan and I don’t expect too much from myself in general. Outside life is put on hold as we live a simple life of worship, focused on necessities only and fighting our basics instincts in the name of God. Our daily routine stripped off idle worldly pursuits change our perspective on life and creates an invisible and subtle, yet strong bond between all fasting Muslims.

One of the miracles of this holy month is that it transports us to a sacred space… without physically moving us anywhere. To be able to fully experience it, we ought to try to make our everyday as easy as possible.

What are your advices on how to stay focused and well during Ramadan? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time,

Leila L.

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