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Why You Should Wear Modest Clothing - Advice & Tips


Why You Should Wear Modest Clothing 

Assalamualaikum sisters, we are already in the middle of October! Days are getting shorter, nights - darker and longer. Cold air hits our faces. Trees are showing their bare branches and pavements are covered with piles of dried leaves. Something is about to change - that’s the feeling I get when autumn comes. And so another post is about change - more specifically about the introduction of modest clothing and hijab into daily life, described in a form of few tips based on my personal experience.

  • First and foremost, do it for God, for He commanded us to cover our hair and body in a modest manner. Understand that you are unable to comprehend the wisdom behind His command. Accept that you don’t need to fully understand it in order to follow it - that’s the essence of faith.
  • Fall in love with the idea of modesty. Modest dressing is not a wrapped lollipop situation. It is a conscious act of opting out from participation in the constant judgment that takes place over the female body, our physicality and sexuality. It is a statement. It is a conviction that you don’t need to show your body in order to be confident or beautiful put into motion.
  • Start from wearing hijab on special occasions, such as weddings, Eid day, special celebrations etc. Pair it with your best dresses, abayas or other outfits (Anaqa Inspired is one of the places where you can acquire some special pieces from). Making yourself sparkle and feel special may encourage you to tune into the same type of pleasant feeling, even when wearing casual, modest clothing.
  • Chose modest clothing that is not only modest but also makes you feel and look pretty. The last thing you want is to feel horrible about your journey and abandon it completely. Seek inspiration, find your own style and allow yourself to make mistakes along the way.

That’s it from me for today - some thoughts for those cold, quiet evenings spent at home 🙂 Stay well,

 Leila Lewinsky

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