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30 Good Deeds This Ramadan


30 Good Deeds This Ramadan

Ramadan is the perfect time to develop a habit of doing good deeds, that will remain with you even after the month is over. No good deed is too small, especially during this Holy Month.

Below is a compilation of 30 good deeds you can work towards this Ramadan. May Allah accept our fasting, prayers and duas.

  1. Listen to Qur'an more often
  2. Help around the house
  3. Send iftar to neighbours
  4. Donate to a food bank
  5. Fajr prayer - don’t miss it
  6. Donate to charity of your choosing
  7. Distribute water bottles
  8. Set up a charity jar
  9. Pay a visit to the ill
  10. Smile it’s sunnah
  11. Visit your grandparents
  12. Volunteer at your local masjid/ shelter
  13. Teach someone something you know
  14. Go a day without complaining
  15. Pray in the mosque today
  16. Feed an animal or water a plant
  17. Make dua for your loved ones
  18. Go a day without social media
  19. Spend quality time with your parents
  20. Hold the door for someone
  21. Do Dhikr
  22. Make a dua list
  23. Let someone know your thinking of them
  24. Offer extra Nafl prayers
  25. Get a thoughtful gift for your loved ones
  26. Make dua for Muslims around the world
  27. Give up one bad deed
  28. Calculate your zakat
  29. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and ask them how they’re doing
  30. Pray without distractions

Keep these reminders in mind and have a blessed Ramadan!

May Allah accept all your good deeds and intentions,

Anaqa Inspired

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